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IN FOCUS: Reception Celeste Shirt

Free shipping in Canada and U.S.A on orders over $200

IN FOCUS: Reception Celeste Shirt

Two of our favourite things here at Wallace are flannel and embroidery, so you can imagine our delight when we saw Reception’s Bowling LS Shirt.

Reception has always had a knack for excellent graphics, but this overshirt takes things to a different dimension. The full size back graphic is 100% embroidered—yes, the whole thing—providing a level of texture, shine, and detail that can’t be recreated by a simple screen print. It literally pops off the fabric. This effect is best seen in the flowers, where the depth and contours of each petal are strikingly lifelike. Taking a backseat to the embroidery, but by no means an afterthought, is the Japanese flannel fabric. This 100% cotton flannel is as soft as they come. Like freshly shampooed and conditioned puppy type of soft. This cozy fabric is cut into an elegant bowling shirt silhouette, with a vintage style loop collar, flat hem and slightly boxy body. It’s a minimal, classy garment from the front and bonafide showstopper from the back.ipsum

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