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Velva Sheen Description

Velva Sheen SS20 Collection

Is it spring 2020 or spring 1920? Velva Sheen’s tees are timeless in every sense of the word. Wear them as an undershirt, on a date, to work in, to lounge in, it really doesn’t matter. Velva Sheen also offers their tees in packs of two, cause why wait to do laundry?

Velva Sheen Fabric Care

For all Velva Sheen tees, we recommend washing on a cold cycle. The 2 Pack Crewneck Plain Tees, being made from a sturdy cotton, can be hung to dry. The Regular Short Sleeve Tees (aka the roll tees) are a looser knit so we recommend laying them flat to dry to avoid stretching. We DO NOT recommend tumble drying these tees because 100% cotton garments have a tendency to shrink in the dryer.