Tilak Description

Tilak SS20 Collection

This season, we’ve introduced the Tilak main line to the shop with their iconic Odin jacket. This military inspired pullover is made from Ventile, a 100% cotton fabric with incredible water-resistance and durability, and like everything else from Tilak, it’s manufactured start-to-finish in the Czech Republic.

Tilak Fabric Care

For the Odin Jacket, Ventile® recommends dry-cleaning your garment, but if that’s not possible, follow these steps: Gently brush or sponge off any dirt. Close the zipper/fastener and turn the garment inside out. Machine wash one item at a time in warm water on a gentle cycle using pure liquid soap. Ensure all residue soap is removed from the garment, re-rinse if necessary. Reshape the garment on a hanger and allow to dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight. Iron carefully on a warm setting – this reactivates the DWR treatment.


For most of Tilak’s history, its bread and butter has been functional, supremely built clothing for outdoor activity, but it’s also gained attention in fashion circles for its stylish designs. Taking inspiration from the hiking gear of yore, much of Tilak’s clothing features bright colorways and old-school colour blocking...Read more