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Tilak Description

Tilak FW20 Collection

This season we have two of the finest pieces of outerwear that Tilak has to offer. First is the Evolution, Tilak’s signature all-weather climbing jacket. Constructed from super durable, super waterproof GORE-TEX PRO, this shell doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to staying dry. Complementing the Evolution is the Storm Jacket, a lighter weight shell made from standard GORE-TEX. The Storm is less rugged but slightly more versatile thanks to its lightness and straightforward design. As per usual, each piece is manufactured start to finish in Tilak’s factory in the Czech Republic.

Tilak Fabric Care

Before washing a GORE-TEX jacket, zip up all zippers and fasten all loose straps and flaps. Machine wash individually in warm water with a mild or technical detergent (e.g. Nikwax or Grangers). Rinse twice to remove soap residue. Tumble dry on warm. If you want to restore the water-repellency of the outer fabric, apply a DWR coating after washing while the garment is still wet, then tumble dry on warm.


For most of Tilak’s history, its bread and butter has been functional, supremely built clothing for outdoor activity, but it’s also gained attention in fashion circles for its stylish designs. Taking inspiration from the hiking gear of yore, much of Tilak’s clothing features bright colorways and old-school colour blocking...Read more