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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on orders over $200 CDN

Solovair Description

Solovair FW22 Collection

For FW22 we brought in a short but very sweet collection from Solovair. As per usual, we have the 3 Eye Gibson and 8 Eye Derby Boot in black hi-shine because, well, they’re perfect. The one change up is the Dealer Boot, a Chelsea-style boot with that wonderful not-too-slim-not-too-chunky Solovair silhouette. Every Solovair model is handmade in England and Goodyear welted, so you can be sure the quality is top notch. 

Solovair Fabric Care

All Solovair models that we carry have a high shine finish, so you’ll be able to wipe off most dirt with a damp rag. To seal up scratches and restore shine, apply black shoe polish with a soft rag, then buff with a soft brush. 


If you want to learn more about Solovair and the brand’s fascinating story, check out our blog post: The term “classic” is thrown around a lot these days in the fashion world, so much so that it’s worth asking what exactly constitutes a classic. Is it a long history? Pop culture influence? Or simply mass style appeal? Whichever criteria you choose, Solovair footwear is inarguably it...Read more

Solovair Brand Information