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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on orders over $200 CDN

Poutnik Description

Poutnik FW21 Collection

This season we have four gorgeous pieces from Poutnik. The Shield Coat is a season highlight, combining Errolson Hugh’s futuristic design with super lightweight GORE-TEX PACLITE. Poutnik also has our winter layering needs covered with the Blade Jacket and Pygmy Vest, two minimalist pieces which can be used as mid-layers or outer layers. Last but not least is the Thomas Coat, a sleek winter coat with synthetic insulation and the weatherproof goodness of GORE-TEX INFINIUM. As per usual, each Poutnik piece is manufactured from start to finish in Tilak’s factory in the Czech Republic. 

Poutnik Fabric Care

The Blade Jacket, Blade Vest, and Monk Pants can be machine washed on cold and hung to dry. For the Caw GTX Jacket, we recommend the following: zip up all zippers and fasten all loose straps and flaps. Machine wash individually in warm water with a mild or technical detergent (e.g. Nikwax or Grangers). Rinse twice to remove soap residue. Tumble dry on warm. If you want to restore the water-repellency of the outer fabric, apply a DWR coating after washing while the garment is still wet, then tumble dry on warm.