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Nanamica Description

Nanamica FW20

This is our first season carrying Nanamica, and it’s safe to say we’re in love. The clothing has that distinctive blend of tradition and tech, as seen in the ALPHADRY Dock Pants and Club Jacket (aka the comfiest suit of all time). The headwear is rife with GORE-TEX, but the silhouettes are classic as can be. Then, of course, there are the bags—perhaps what Nanamica is most famous for. Whether you prefer the Water Repellent Helmet Bag or the  ripstop Utility Shoulder Bag, rest assured the quality is second to none.

Nanamica Fabric Care

For ALPHADRY products,machine wash on cold and air dry. 

For GORE-TEX headwear,machine wash on warm with a mild detergent, ideally a technical detergent like Nikwax Tech Wash or Grangers. Rinse twice to remove all detergent from the fabric. To restore water-repellency to the outer layer, apply a DWR coating after washing and before drying, while the fabric is still wet. Tumble dry on medium heat.

For the Hybrid Cardigan, machine wash or handwash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Introducing Nanamica: "The House of the Seven Seas"

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