Monokel Description

Monokel Eyewear SS22 Collection

We’re kicking off Monokel’s shop debut this season with a bang, bringing in seven styles that range from utilitarian round black frames like the River, Aki and Forest, to more eye-catching frames like the Kaia and Apollo, and of course the Nelson and Otis which have a bit more vintage flair. Whichever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you’re picking up a pair of glasses that’s great for the environment and tough as nails. All Monokel’s frames are made by hand from recyclable, plant-based acetate and they’ve got Carl Zeiss lenses for superior UV protection.

Introducing Monokel Eyewear

Monokel is an eyewear brand like no other. The Stockholm-based label does a lot of things differently, but not in any sort of way that calls attention to themselves. For one, their sunglasses are all unisex. Come one, come all: Monokel makes eyeglasses for every face. They’re also sustainable. Not the “these glasses are made of cardboard, and our logo is a tree” kind of sustainable – Monokel instead favours recycled and plant-based acetates to compose their stylish, handcrafted frames. There’s a sense that these things are just matter of fact to the folks at Monokel. After all, why shouldn’t sunglasses be eco-friendly? Why isn’t all eyewear ungendered? Monokel is bravely carving out a future where this stuff isn’t revolutionary, it’s just the way things are. Learn more...

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