Forét Description

Forét SS23 Collection

Foret's SS23 release continues the label's growing legacy of impeccably designed, contemporary adventure-inspired gear. This collection is packed with updated takes on outdoors styles like the Drip Cargo Pants, Humid Liner Jacket and military-inspired Sizzle Jacket in Army – plus lots of excellent shirting and accessories to round out your warm weather wardrobe.

Introducing Forét

Foret certainly isn’t bound by the past though – there’s a sense of child-like playfulness to much of their clothing that’s hard to replicate. It being summer and all, we’ve got plenty of shorts like the all-purpose Home Shorts, the brilliant green Nettle Shorts, and of course, the heralds of the jean short renaissance we’ve been waiting for – the Parade Shorts in all their denim glory. At the risk of playing favourites, we think the crème de la crème of our inaugural delivery from the Danish menswear mavens is the Gone Corduroy Shirt. This stunner is made from super soft corduroy in just about the nicest shade of green we’ve ever laid eyes on, accented with classic horn-looking buttons to seal the deal. Of course, we’ve got t-shirts too – and they’re waffle knit! The Park T-Shirt is totally dreamy with a nice & boxy fit and a lil’ Foret logo emblazoned on the chest. We could go on all day, but we suggest you heed Foret’s advice to slow down, go offline, and make your way over to the shop to check out their latest collection for yourself – it’s in the shop now. Read more...

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