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Diemme Description

Diemme FW22 Collection

Diemme has finally arrived with a small but mighty collection of performance boots sure to suit any lifestyle. Our initial offering from the Italian footwear producers par excellence contains but two styles: The Balbi (in both men's and women's sizing!), and the Roccia Vet Sport. The Balbi is an idiosyncratic style that deftly fuses the Chelsea boot's sleek leather upper with the hard-wearing rubber sole of the duck boot – truly offering the best of both worlds. The Roccia Vet Sport is an elevated take on a classic hiker, offering a ton of performance functionality and support in a surprisingly lightweight and undeniably stylish package. These two boots are a great introduction to what Diemme is all about: luxe materials, discerning design, and masterful Italian craftsmanship.

Introducing Diemme Boots

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of gazing upon any of Diemme’s exceptional hiking boots, hunting shoes, sneakers, and everything in between – allow us to show you the light. You’d be forgiven for not recognizing the name, though. The brand has managed to keep a relatively low profile despite an extensive series of collabs with heavy hitters like Stone Island, KITH and GANT, to name a few. Both Diemme and its fraternal founders Dennis and Maico Signor hail from the Italian Alps – the small village of Onè di Fonte in the Veneto region, to be more specific. This mountainous locale and its renowned footwear-producing factories informed much of the brothers’ design sense, not to mention their passion for quality. True to their rugged heritage, the brand produces shoes that serve a distinct purpose without compromising on style.  Learn more...