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Cayl Description

Cayl FW22 Collection

CAYL's FW22 collection is jam-packed with tough gear designed to look great on trails and sidewalks alike. There's too much outerwear to list – from the warm, water-resistant Down Jacket to the featherlight Light Shield Anorak in urban beige. CAYL's Seorak 5 and 6 bags are back as well for the gear enthusiasts in the audience, and we've also added essentials from the CAYL lineup like the Mountain Pants 2 and the Stretch Nylon Hat to address any holes in your cold-weather wardrobe this winter.

Introducing Cayl

The term “lifestyle brand” gets bandied about a lot, but few embody this as completely as CAYL. Founder Euijae Lee is truly passionate about the outdoors and supporting individuals and groups both in CAYL’s home of South Korea and abroad to get outside and discover the transformative power of nature. His own love for Korea’s mountains and climbing culture is well-documented – many styles like the Seorak 3 XPac are named after local mountains, and Lee is even part of a hiking club that meets once a month to hike for 2 days straight. It’s no surprise then that the gear and clothing CAYL creates is likewise approachable, versatile, and sold at a price point that won’t frighten away the more casual enthusiasts. Cayl’s series of bags and backpacks have garnered an international following – like the Mari Rolltop XPac with its aesthetically pleasing asymmetric design and ample storage capacity, and the slightly smaller Gaya Rolltop XPac. Learn more...