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Battenwear Description

Battenwear SS22 Collection

For their rookie season here at Wallace, Battenwear brings us the very best packable gear for all your spring & summer adventures. The theme this time around is packability: nearly everything we’ve got from the Topanga, California-based outfit can be folded into a tidy little package for easy toting without sacrificing durability or comfort. For lightweight weatherproofing we’ve got the Packable Anorak and Packable Windstopper, matched with portable headgear like the Crusher Hat and Camp Cap for a complete selection of summer outdoor essentials. Though pretty much everything Battenwear makes is destined for the trails, we’ve also got standards like the laid-back Local Shorts and a couple Pocket Tees rounding out our SS22 offerings from the brand. Come check it out!

Introducing Battenwear

To truly understand Battenwear though, one must first understand just how much goes into their design process. For starters, all Battenwear garments are proudly made in the USA, often at the same Garment District factories in which the brand began its life. Hasegawa notably eschews many popular “outdoorsy” fabrics entirely, simply because they don’t meet the brand’s rigorous requirements for aging. Instead, Battenwear clothing typically features time-tested materials like French terry, Taslan nylon, various denims, and other fabrics that are most often seen in pieces from the 60s and 70s. Combine these with updated tech-y fabrics like Coolmax® and Battenwear’s contemporary-vintage design ethos and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for some seriously nice clothing. Read more...