Andersson Bell Description

Andersson Bell FW22 Collection

When it comes to Andersson Bell, opposites attract, and their FW22 collection is a great example of that. Traditionally conservative pieces like long sleeve polos and sweater vests get vibrant, expressive makeovers. Their Knitted Crochet Intarsia V-Neck Vest is a bustling assortment of colours, knitting techniques, and textures, resulting in a unique garment that can’t help but be the star of the show. The Flower Intarsia Crewneck Sweater and Chatteris Brushed Polo Sweater further exemplify the brand’s knitwear prowess, featuring brushed wool-blend fabrics for extra fuzziness and character. Finally, to properly finish off an Andersson Bell outfit, one needs a pair of show-stopping pants. We brought in the Woven Arzent Wide Leg Trousers to fulfill that need – they’re pink, slightly flared, and absolutely incredible. When you feel like adding a really unique and special piece to your wardrobe, give Andersson Bell a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Introducing Andersson Bell

Andersson Bell is truly one-of-a-kind. The brand was conceived in 2018 by creative director Dohun Kim, who posed the question: what would Scandinavian fashion like from a Korean perspective? Youthful exuberance pervades each colourful collection, combined with Andersson Bell’s unique blend of Scandi minimalism and the individuality of Seoul’s street style. Their lookbooks are always a trip to behold; appearing like a Lynchian fever dream shot in Technicolor – but with a decidedly avant-garde twist, right smack in the middle of u- and dys- on the -topia scale. Still – there’s something so familiar about many of Andersson Bell’s styles. Though the garments may often look like they were delivered to us from a much savvier far-off future, look closer and you’ll see traces of the movies, paintings, and pop culture touchstones we all know and love. Read more...

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