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Hestra Gloves

Deerskin Wool Tricot - Espresso / Dark Brown

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Glove in deerskin and wool tricot with warm wool lining. Vegetable tanned goat leather on cuff.

  • OUTER MATERIAL: DEERSKIN White tailed deer from North America gives a supple and isolating leather with a beautiful grain texture.
  • WOOL TRICOT: Keeps your hands warm during cold, damp autumn days.
  • VEGETABLE TANNED GOAT LEATHER is a natural leather tanned with bark extract.
  • LINING: WOOL Our wool linings keeps the hands warm under cold and damp autumn days and gives a good insulation down to minus five degrees celsius.
  • ELASTIC helps the glove to stay in place and protects against cold air.
  • INSEAM for an sleak and elegant look.