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Wallace Weekly Style

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Wallace Weekly Style


Sometimes you just wanna feel like you’re lounging on a patio bar in Cannes—at least, that’s how we were feeling with this look.

Up top we have Schnayderman’s oversized stripe shirt, the perfect way to stay cool on a sweltering summer day. The cotton/silk fabric is incredibly light and the oversized fit keeps things breezy. Down low we’ve got Kestin’s Inverness trouser in off-white, a true summer pant constructed from ultrafine Brisbane Moss corduroy. If you’re not a believer in summer pants, these lightweight bad boys just might change your mind. To finish things off, we’re wearing the Solovair Tassel Loafer, a versatile shoe that combines old-school elegance and a modern chunky sole.

schnaydermans solovair kestin

solovair kestin schnaydermans

kestin schnaydermans solovair
schnaydermans solovair kestin

schanydermans kestin solovair

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